the daily

sit down…

yes, you…
do that…
sit down…
you’re gonna write sumthin’…
no jokin’ hoboken…
this is happening…
stop with the candy crush…
you’ve been
stuck for a month
on level 65
five year olds laugh
and point….
so just cut the crap
and write…
about what?
write about what you know…
what the hell do I know?
you know about ants…
little bastards 
ants found my Halloween 
candy stash
they came in 
through the windows
dove in my trash
crawled over my table
like miniature trucks 
then chewed up my sunflowers
the heartless little fucks
always runnin’ somewhere
the busy little freaks
can’t wait til they go under
in a few more weeks
Well I wrote something 
yeah you did…
what’dya think of it?
Just good?
I don’t make mountains
out of anthills…
Rene~July 2013

16 thoughts on “the daily

  1. ha. ants…we got them as well…i have obliterated their paths, cauched, salted, sprayed…dang it…when they get the candy that is the last straw…burn the house down to get them, just saying…smiles…still not as bad as the red devils we had in florida…they would eat you over the candy i am pretty sure….growing up my sister sat on a red ant hill once…i thought she was going to die she was screaming so horrible….

  2. The ants will inherit the earth after we abandon it to travel to the stars, to some virgin planet where we can start again, repeating our sins, our hubris, our mistakes, like remarrying some one you divorced two spouses ago, repeating the past at the speed of JATO tubes. It is good to do a stream of consciousness list poem; liked it a lot; thanks.

  3. interesting.. i hate ants.. they have a special affinity of crawling over me.. but thank god, we have only the small ants here.. I think I am way too sweet.. :-Dbut a very enjoyable read.. 🙂

  4. Aw, very clever. Damn ants, think I finally got rid of our little attackers, and I didn't even have candy near to attract them. This is kind of a "train of thought" piece, where one thought/word leads to another and so on. Nicely penned.

  5. I LOLed.And I hear you! After over three weeks of not being able to write, I think I will this weekend. Think of me, and my poor tendons, won't you?Also, my tendons would like a margarita. And some guac.Pearl

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