dashboard madonna

photo by: Steven Kelly



am to
you is just
a passing fancy
a quick thrill before the next leg
Rene ~ 2013

35 thoughts on “dashboard madonna

  1. Ha! sharp plays on words, and quite the snappy retort over a cocktail, should one need it. Thanks for joining us, Rene. You didn't leave a link at the Garden, btw–but that may be how you want it so I'll leave that up to you.

  2. The never ending twist between the sexes…what is relationship for? The answers are often quite different men to women, women to men. But not always. This invites dishonesty as really the only solution and that cuts both ways. Men fear entrapment. Women fear being taken and used. Both positions of wariness are justifiable often enough that both women and men also fear being gullible or naive.To opt out of that game is possible but not without cost.

  3. I have watched women play at this all the time complaining about it and claiming innocence. :DMeanwhile, men are a touch more straightforward about playing the game, but not much because the dishonesty is essential. If you get caught out you are sent down the road unless she is open to playing it straight with modified men's rules. Some are.Me I deny playing the game. Not because I am so much better than those who do… but rather because I am not very good at it – why most of us who do not play do not play. People like me also don't get much action. 😦

  4. where's the fun in that,Jerry? Let me have it…PS. Truth be told I have the worlds worst smartphone. It is excruciatingly painful to send the simplest text, hence the lack of replies and comments.So I generally don't comment or reply. But I made the exception for you. It took me a half hour to type this, but I did it for you. 🙂

  5. I would steer clear of anyone who is good at playing the game…but that's hard because you don't realize you've been played until it's too late. I love the mileage this short poem has gotten. It was originality titled "scenic overlook" and was intended to be a cutesy little play on words but then the dashboard madonna title popped into my head and I dug it, so I changed the title. Cutesy to Edgy in less then 6 seconds.

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