St. Ninian’s Isle

map image via Magpie Tales

a way was made
land swept,
as if by hand,
and sucked into life
arching upward
eagerly knitting itself onto 

the mother bones

children crisscrossed
and dotted
the wild, new heaven
pressing would-be
into the earth
working their way east
tipping their maps

a wise man
built a white

house of shining stone
leaving the locks
off of the doors
he welcomed all guests,
in their mother tongues,
with arms full of leeks
and blessed all creatures,
great and small,
north of Hadrian’s Wall,
right where they stood

Rene ~ 2013

Ninian’s Umbrella

on a hill,
in the rain
Ninian read his bible
licking his finger
as he turned each page


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