nose to nose

I can feel your 
you’re almost
too close to
I try to scream
I can’t find my 
if this is real
it’s not right
it’s insanity
am I awake
or even alive
I search for 
in my files
for some clarity
the more I seek 
just to flesh you out 
the deeper you dive 
arcs in
zero gravity
you are the ghost
that runs 
my machine
I can’t run
I can’t hide
you’re inside of me
Rene ~ 2013
This poem is about that half asleep/ half awake dream state that I sometimes have.
It freaks me out royally.
I remember having it ( during a stressful time) for about a week.
I would have these vivid dreams of an old woman with no mouth pulling me out of my bed.
The dreams were so real and terrifying that I was afraid to go to sleep.
This was for 100 Word Song at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.
The song pick this week is Poor Places by Wilco and is hosted by Didi @seablackwithink

5 thoughts on “fracture

  1. I love “you are the ghost that runs my machine”.

    I wrote that to my wife once and it freaked her out,,,,lol.

    Really, this was evocative. Thank you.

  2. Wow, this is amazing…but….I think I know that old woman, she follows me everywhere, she gets in every picture that is taken of me…who is she and what does she want? Perhaps she is the image of death….

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