ol ‘ man

The Mill, 1964, by Andrew Wyeth 

people speak
of winter
as if it were
an uninvited guest
asleep on
the couch

though he is wont
to lazing about
i do not mind his
the cats make
sport of his snoring

he yawns
scratches and
i make tea
and pour over
seed catalogs

the birds
chirp through
a flurry of braggadocio
they know
a swan song
when they hear one

© 2014-Rene

For Magpie Tales


13 thoughts on “ol ‘ man

  1. an uninvited guest
    asleep on
    the couch

    Winter is there and it'll be around on the dot. Though this time its severity seem unusual. But still it is welcomed! Nicely Rene!


  2. Let's have a conversation about pouring… I imagined you pouring tea over the seed catalogues, which I doubt would help their longevity. But all that aside, I too wonder from where birds get their energy in winter, swan song or not!

  3. I listen for that swan song as well, although I am not so expert as the birds that flit past my window. The cold induces static in my winter brain. Perhaps a seed catalog and a cuppa would be just the ticket to dispel the noise!

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