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blood stains freckle
snow-white linen
rusted lace
sloppy split lip 
apologetic kiss
hide my face
yet still
i hear
sharp-edged marbles 
in your mouth tumbling
over scotch rocks
and little red last straws
nobody sees
the more
that doesn’t meet their eye
no news is good weather
no bruise dear
it’ll get better
we soothe ourselves
with lullabies
and true lies
just rest now
let go of your world
pull up a chair
let go of my hair
the taste of bile 
on your lips,
how quick
the monster slips
i wait
i pray you drift soon,
a little boy
on soiled sheets
a broken spirit
hides spinning webs
and licking wounds
under cover
locked jaw

Rene ~ January 10, 2013

d’Verse Poets, Meeting The Bar-The Medium Is The Message

For 100 Word Song

This weeks song:

“Debonair by The Afghan Whigs”
A rough song about substance abuse
and how it poisons relationships
breaking both bones and hearts


french toast

Image: PublicDomain.com

God, man
It’s been a long time since I’ve had someone whistle in my kitchen
It’s quite the delight
Ahhh…you made coffee
And you’re making french toast!
You are a saint
You gotta fiddle with that knob on the left rear burner
Like this
It’s a pain in the butt sometimes
Personally, I think it just likes the extra attention
Mmm…your ear smells like cinnamon
not fair, man, that…
not fair at all
your ass looks better in my sweatpants than mine does
I now have to kill myself
After I eat a loaf of french toast, though
You want some orange juice?
freshly squeezed…somewhere
Tell me, again
Why is it we never were?

Rene ~ January 5, 2013
For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Dan Fogleberg’s
Same Old Auld Lang Syne

This is my spin on the classic


when you fell
from your mother
you were the apple
of her eye

such a dear
little babe
with a thorn
in your cry

a squirming
wild agenda
taking seed inside

the walls could never
hold you back
if they didn’t try

your momma prayed
for you,
all through the night

you grew tall
in the sunshine
picking diamonds
from the ire

a fearless
little lamb
braiding snakes
into wire

your bleeding
burnished heart
pulsing red with fire

the walls could never
hold you back
if they didn’t try

your momma prayed
for you,
all through the night

Rene ~ December 13, 2012
For 100 Word Song
and Meeting the Bar

Glory, fading

she was light and magic, springtime laughter woven through her hair
i found her world cluttered and noisy, a place where logic sighs
but how my heart leaps when i hear a bird call, her breath of life

she was a singer of hymns, a joyful, patient sentinel
i was a snare drum, ready to snap at the skip of a beat
i now find myself leeching to the choir, waiting on her voice

she was my anchor as well as my spirited ticket to ride
how i gnawed at the tether, unaware of the life line
i hold, waiting like a child, to the end of her crimson thread

Rene ~ October 10, 2012

Trying my hand at form of poetry known as Korean Sijo
a departure for me because I’m a flighty free verse girl.

I learned of this form from my friend and fellow poet Marian at Runaway Sentence
Girl can write. I hope I’ve done the form justice.

Lastly, this is a submission for 100 Word Song, hosted by my friend and fellow writer, Lance from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. I went over the 100 word limit by 10.
Sorry, had to be done. Mea culpa.

I’d like to take this opportunity to share a few words from Lance:

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