Potatoes photo by Agustin Berrocal 

this fire
a cradle
under a waning moon

for rockets 

pulled from the earth
and kissed Midas gold

by smitten Gods,
peasants and spangled stars

this fire

ritual fuel for
cowboy sunrise revolutions

Rene ~ July 2013


good shoes

Public domain image via vintageprintables.com

the day i found my ways

i caught myself
in a tangle
tightly twined 
a forkful of 
spaghetti from a can’t 
just pullin’ the wool 
over easy
under the radar
love, life, and my pursuits;
a hapless sock thread
ensnared by a tack
on the threshold 
unwinding, revealing
a novice habit trail
from door
to table, to chair, to bed
just livin’
but barely
breaking a sweat 
a bowl of dead ends
Is that all there is?
Peggy Lee, blinked
lookin’ for 
high bars
in low places
forcin’ a smile,

your eyes
order a double
some things
are better left unsaid

but winked at…hell yeah
I caught your act
you charlatan 
I say strippin’ off
my socks 
I know your ways
You ought to play 
out in the mud
in your good shoes 
maybe, someday

Rene~July 2013

For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power.”
Love her and I have always felt a kinship with her lyrics
This is my somewhat personal, disconnected take on her classic.
I’m way over 100 words…


Waking, Walking, Singing, in the Next Dimension? 1979 by Morris Graves
via Magpie Tales

your road hugged

the shoulders of your
dreams and visions

you sailed along
wings silently gliding down
the nature of things
when you woke
you were hatched
blind and flightless
your senses twisted
tested, resisted.
then trusted
your path cleared
to mingle with limitless skies
free as a bird

Rene ~ June 2, 2013
For Randy Pierce and The Mighty Quinn


Image: Helen Ward via Magpie Tales

It’s always a sight at the trattorie
when wild city critters make a scene

crumbled cake, candelabras
chaos and weasels in starched collars

paper crowns, rumpled nightgowns
won’t someone turn that racket down?

reptilian wait staff spin and slither
a tortoise brings breakfast in time for dinner

but there…
in the midst of all the clatter
a honey badger pot scrubber
for whom the noise doesn’t matter

he keeps to himself, he doesn’t care
doesn’t give a whit about the whole affair

he sticks to his task, gets it done
then leaves the city moon for the country sun

Rene ~ April 28, 2013

gypsy moth

you never baked cakes
that weren’t worth the taking
did not even try

you never learned how
to keep your hands to myself
saw no reason why

you drew crooked lines
with your finger, in quicksand
(maybes) set in stone

got your momma’s hair
and your daddy’s long, long legs
rolling soul is your own

did i never see?
your feet barely grazed the earth
i told myself lies

time to let you go
cut your threads out of my nest
gypsy moths fill the sky

it was a fine fall
and apples were in season
when i said goodbye

Rene ~ March 29, 2013
For 100 Word Song – Sorry For It All


Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall 

are the morning sun on my neck
and the moon
over my shoulder

i the maddest hot magician
of your rogue

are my true astrological
high and the
puller of my tides

ride the waves of your affection
physics and nature

are an unfinished blood sonnet
a night song
a prophet of rhyme

run without stopping to breathe in
catching you
as you turn away

remind me with the truest eye
such great love
is not a given

stand tall in the force of your truth
kiss your head
and leave you to go

Rene ~ March 10, 2013

For Magpie Tales, 100 Word Song and d’Verse Poets

The 100 Word Song prompt is “Better Dig Two” by The Band Perry
and is my d’Verse Poetics: InterActions song choice