faith 신의

SBS Image of  Lee Minho as Choe Yeong in 신의 ( Faith )
 from Google Images

i keep a flower
in a bottle of aspirin
recall the beauty
cure the pain

i hide my heart
under a plate of armor
the less i feel
the less i break

exhale the past
breathe in
i fill my lungs

i can’t let go

i wait for dark
to battle with the demons
i know their strength
i know their names

i gave my word
to keep the bad things
from you
have faith in me

a brave, broken soul
i gave my word
to keep a light around you
have faith in me

i’ll carry you home

Rene ~ September 27, 2012

I must admit that I am absolutely smitten with all things Kdrama!
Especially the time traveling drama 신의 ( Faith)  and Answer Me 1997
I stumbled across them this summer on Hulu and have been hooked ever since.
I find the Korean language beautiful and the actors stunningly attractive.
Though the stories may seem a bit cliched to some ( I can’t get enough of that love triumphing over adversity stuff) they are filmed against the most gorgeous backdrops and in the case of Answer Me 1997, entirely relatable…just watch the first episode.

This poem was inspired by a tender scene in the drama 신의 ( Faith)