missing glory

photo by Elena Kalis via Magpie Tales
she was light and magic, springtime laughter woven through her hair
i found her world cluttered and noisy, a place where logic frowns
ambushed, my heart leapt when i heard a bird call, her breath of life

she was a singer of hymns, a joyful, patient sentinel
i was a snare drum, ready to snap at the skip of a beat
i now find myself leeching to the choir, waiting on her voice

she was my cloudship, an ocean, a free spirited ticket to ride
i gnawed away at my tether, she became my new life line
i hold, needing like a child, the loose end of her crimson thread

Rene ~ 2013


whoever can speak 

disturbing the peace 
whoever can walk
stirring the past 
whoever can listen
divining wisdom
whoever can love
embracing scars
whoever can think
considering the future
cannot ever truly 
Rene ~ July 2013


not feeling

so much 
of a muchness
I can’t 
fake the connections
I won’t
have the discussions
my thoughts
my words
a dead language 
rabidly stabbing 
at tabloid typos
i am losing you,
red ink on my
buy the milk
or pay the rent
 Rene ~ July 2013 

good shoes

Public domain image via vintageprintables.com

the day i found my ways

i caught myself
in a tangle
tightly twined 
a forkful of 
spaghetti from a can’t 
just pullin’ the wool 
over easy
under the radar
love, life, and my pursuits;
a hapless sock thread
ensnared by a tack
on the threshold 
unwinding, revealing
a novice habit trail
from door
to table, to chair, to bed
just livin’
but barely
breaking a sweat 
a bowl of dead ends
Is that all there is?
Peggy Lee, blinked
lookin’ for 
high bars
in low places
forcin’ a smile,

your eyes
order a double
some things
are better left unsaid

but winked at…hell yeah
I caught your act
you charlatan 
I say strippin’ off
my socks 
I know your ways
You ought to play 
out in the mud
in your good shoes 
maybe, someday

Rene~July 2013

For 100 Word Song
The song prompt was Patti Smith’s “People Have The Power.”
Love her and I have always felt a kinship with her lyrics
This is my somewhat personal, disconnected take on her classic.
I’m way over 100 words…


Image: A Musin Yohan, via Magpie Tales

trouble overhead

something weighing 
on the mind
i rise
under a vengeful brow
pulling up my heels
Raising my voice!
i go
to my roots
wielding my habits of comfort
i walk the way
of my mother
singing psalms
soothing the sky
Rene~ June 2013
For all of my sisters