his master’s choice

to your ear
listen very hard
that is the sound of being stuck
lonely contagious drinking songs
for the status quo
honesty dropping on all fours 
tumbling in gutters
scrolling down
© 2014-Rene

tall boys and tatts

color me 
shamrock carved 
switchblade kitsch
blue cacophony ivy
up with
your hot sauce
your devil pepper
light me up &

tack weld

my libido into 
smiley faces
something useful

© 2014-Rene
*image via magpie tales

spilt milk and honey badgers don’t cry

feast in the house of Simon,1610, El Greco 

enjoy what’s spilt

leave hold all
your pseudo first
world guilt
breathe it in and
don’t let’s start
soon there’ll come 
a worse part 
just ignore this 
chase your loyalties 
let the lady sing

past the salad days
come the bitter grapes
grown to stomp your

© 2014-Rene

not us

Lee Plaza Hotel, Detroit, photo by Bonnie Beechler ( via Magpie Tales )
ah, you were not
my lighthouse
shining up
from the bottom of a well

nor was i
your brave daisy
bursting through
suffocating pavement

we were not
conjoined hearts, cores
livers, kidneys 
or even onions

and we won’t ever be
dreaming big
or staying strong
together as old souls

so what…
we’re not
kitchen cliches or 
refrigerator door metaphors

you are you
i am me
and we do get along


© 2014-Rene

mamma sally

puttanesca tickles my nose
pulls me through 
these streets, eyes closed
Mamma Sally, she knows
how to fill my bowl

daughter of the old country
pulled up her roots
for the better life, the big city
Mamma Sally, she knows
how far the red brick goes

raising up tomatoes to the sky
from her window box piazza
seven stories high
Mamma Sally, she knows
how her garden grows

olive oil, garlic, basil in harmony
hymns of joy
the blessed holy trinity
Mamma Sally, she knows
how to save my soul

© 2011-Rene

Universal Studios Lot, Instagram by sessepien ( via Magpie Tales)