Image ( via Magpie Tales)
Object To Be Destroyed ~ Man Ray

I often wonder
where you’ve gone
usually after
I’ve had a bit of fun

you never wait
for me, or anyone
for that matter
always on your way

noiselessly spinning
healing wounds
dispensing tinctures
making fools

in circles you are
cursed, blessed
sucked and

try as I might
you will not be
forced or

you are
what I wish for
more than anything

when I have you
in my hands
all I want to do
is kill you

Rene ~ December 2, 2012

For Magpie Tales



prepare ye
from the way
of the storm

batten down them hatches
loosed hell’s about
to be born

from butchers,
from bakers
from rosary shakers

your children’s
sand kingdoms
are ripe for the taking

no neck is safe
stretchin’ high above
the ruled

their wind,
like a wolf’s call
find the sheep easily fooled

prepare ye, citizens
from the way
of the storm

mend the holes
in your loved ones trousers
to keep out lust’s crooked arm

know thy
neighbours intentions
and know them well

turn thine
enemies to footstools
make them feel your hell

stand in the light
of truth
above all else

keep it aimed
and ready
on the pantry shelf

Rene ~ November 2012
For Magpie Tales

Image ( via Magpie Tales)
Andrew Wyeth, Squall, 1986

widow in black

artwork by Jack Vettriano

he died in her arms
i was kissing the kids goodnight
she didn’t deserve that honor
i don’t deserve the shame
of the awful truth she hid
beneath my perfume
infidelity has a way
of entering the room silently
and then pulling the floor out
a tug here, a drag there
at first you think you’re imagining things
then Gibraltar tumbles
beware those passing fancies
my dears
they just may be the death of you
Rene ~ July 2012
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Image: ParkeHarrison
Magpie Tales

when the dark presses
scatters like paper
lit on fire

courage rises
and pratfalls
down waxed hospital corridors

soaked in sour wine
blister the tongue

the body a vessel
the soul
a marionette
hijacked, voiceless

help me
if you can
reach me
here i am

Rene~March 2012
for d’Verse Poets

“The Nightmare”
by Henry Fuseli