missing glory

photo by Elena Kalis via Magpie Tales
she was light and magic, springtime laughter woven through her hair
i found her world cluttered and noisy, a place where logic frowns
ambushed, my heart leapt when i heard a bird call, her breath of life

she was a singer of hymns, a joyful, patient sentinel
i was a snare drum, ready to snap at the skip of a beat
i now find myself leeching to the choir, waiting on her voice

she was my cloudship, an ocean, a free spirited ticket to ride
i gnawed away at my tether, she became my new life line
i hold, needing like a child, the loose end of her crimson thread

Rene ~ 2013


painting by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
via Magpie Tales

Pride is diva

a lady lion

kicking up her heels
a suicidal harlot
spiking regal
moral temperaments
London, France
pounced upon
cut into
devoured                 tossed aside
only a fool
licks her wounds
only a fool
that pain
Rene ~ 2013