The Snake Charmer, Henri Rousseau 1907
courtesy of Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

full moon on the shores
of where the cat brought
your tongue

to lisp all gutters licorice
with squirming, swearing
sons of guns

lead ’em down the asp hole
charmin’ little asp hole
every town’s got an asp hole

a shiny little asp hole
kick ’em in the asp hole
’til the deed is done

Rene ~ September 2011


Sunk In

abandoned farm, Dublin, Ohio by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

vagabond moon
always rings you up
when the tide rolls in

let’s meet
over half baked Alaskan

you haven’t the heart
to tell him Ohio’s got you
dug in deep

rooted, you now screen your calls
and let your gypsy soul go

your past is just
a lazy seaweed circle
stretched across the Sargasso

Rene ~ September 2011

a day for umbrellas

photo by Tess Kincaid

ruby throated hail
clove studding
necks, backs

soul swan songs
from the alien zone
every scream
a thundercloud pin drop 
every stumble
a wax winged smooth
death spiral strut smile
and wave before

the inevitable
scorched immaculate
splash down 
into a still rippling
reflecting pool
of all’s well ends

Rene ~ July 2011

crush groove

call in the neighbors
roll up the carpet
put the rat race ball and chain

kick off the footwear
dance barefoot tribal
let’s make those chandeliers

stomp sand to stardust
breathe in the sparkle
blaze up the dark of the

open out the windows
let the good times tumble
down the fire

 go rain those diamonds, baby
let ’em fall like Niagra
they ain’t forever
like they say

down time is precious, sugar
spend it like you got it
cuz all God’s children
gotta play

Rene ~ July 2011

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eight hundred pounds and growing

we talk about the weather
but not gorillas
we talk about everything
else on our cluttered 
business minding shelves
except for gorillas
oh it’s never about  gorillas

tap dancing
spandex wearing
flame baton throwing
parade float riding
never you mind those gorillas

Rene ~ July 2011

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Kansas Can

hole in the sky
in need of patching
could i leap up
and hold it fast
with a mighty straw grasp

and a prayer
some questions and answers
like Ryan Reynolds abs
are truly not for and
of this earth

yet i jump higher
and still farther
lit by the fire of a love
that confidently
believes i can

Rene ~ July 2011

For Fred and Tessa 
and for Ryan Reynolds too
but mostly for Fred and Tessa