pen pal

Drawing Hands, 1948 by M. C. Escher
via Magpie Tales

from across the table
the world
your words
meet my eyes
and stir my soul

how easily they reach
across latitudes
and oceans
across mountains
and time
across cities
and down herd paths

how urgently
they wind up the streets
of my heart and marrow
unlocking doors
and lighting fires

from across the table
the world
your words
expose the infallible gods
of lost hope
as astronomical frauds

Rene ~ 2013

For Him and Her



Image via Magpie Tales

she, the practical godmother 

of re purposed filled lives

did so, not out of
fad or fashion
or deep cosmic guilt

but rather frugality
borne out of
horse drawn necessity

with Alma
one was never allowed
to simply “be”

a spoon could not
just stir
a kettle had to do more than
just boil

one trick extravagances
had no business
in her business

for Alma
“just doing your bit”
was an unforgivable sin
and a grotesque waste
of limitless talent

she eschewed
the flock trotted superhighway
and blazed her own way
in inventive fashion

the future
sewn and soldered 
formed from 
whatever she had on hand
waiting to be reborn
and twisted 
drifting from the past

Rene ~ July 2013


image: Andrew Wyeth ( via Magpie Tales)

before we became

slayers of giants 
of brave, new worlds
we were frozen
inside blocks 
of Carrara 
willing to risk
for a chance
the right to be
mightier, divine
Rene~July 2013


not feeling

so much 
of a muchness
I can’t 
fake the connections
I won’t
have the discussions
my thoughts
my words
a dead language 
rabidly stabbing 
at tabloid typos
i am losing you,
red ink on my
buy the milk
or pay the rent
 Rene ~ July 2013