at the core
of my every tossed
and turned
my every blessed,
cursed knot
lies Estherbrook

god damn her
stone hearth and soulless board
her sour
maggot studded bosom

to watch her
wither and grow craggy
by my unfailing,
rich neglect
warms my heart well

Rene ~ February 18, 2013
For Magpie Tales
Image: “Wind of History” Jacek Yerka




sabre tooth dagger
bright killer silently waits
prey on the threshold

Rene ~ January 3, 2013

Careful out there, man


prepare ye
from the way
of the storm

batten down them hatches
loosed hell’s about
to be born

from butchers,
from bakers
from rosary shakers

your children’s
sand kingdoms
are ripe for the taking

no neck is safe
stretchin’ high above
the ruled

their wind,
like a wolf’s call
find the sheep easily fooled

prepare ye, citizens
from the way
of the storm

mend the holes
in your loved ones trousers
to keep out lust’s crooked arm

know thy
neighbours intentions
and know them well

turn thine
enemies to footstools
make them feel your hell

stand in the light
of truth
above all else

keep it aimed
and ready
on the pantry shelf

Rene ~ November 2012
For Magpie Tales

Image ( via Magpie Tales)
Andrew Wyeth, Squall, 1986


Image: ParkeHarrison
Magpie Tales

when the dark presses
scatters like paper
lit on fire

courage rises
and pratfalls
down waxed hospital corridors

soaked in sour wine
blister the tongue

the body a vessel
the soul
a marionette
hijacked, voiceless

help me
if you can
reach me
here i am

Rene~March 2012
for d’Verse Poets

“The Nightmare”
by Henry Fuseli

looking glass

Image credit: Duane Michals
Magpie Tales

look at them
just look at them
oh that beautiful pair

the them, the they
the sum total of
a celestial equation

but who am i
now that i’m alone
by myself

i’m too afraid
to know but…
that i do

i am what i am
a victim
of a time jester’s truth

a crone, a nobody
tossed overhead
smashed underfoot

superstition’s deathbed bride
seven white candles
burning bright

a puff of breath
a ring of fire
a cracked mirror, mirror

crazed, silent
yet still
i am alive

Rene ~ March 2012


photo credit: Google Images
for Magpie Tales

blood stains freckle
snow white linen
like rusted lace

i hide my face yet
i still hear the scrape
of sharp edged marbles

in your mouth
tumbling over scotch rocks
and little red last straws

nobody sees this
the more that doesn’t
meet their eye

but break a leg
they’ve read the book
and smell the rat

the taste of bile once
on your lips, i know
this silences the barking dog

i wait, i pray you sleep
soon, soundly, sweetly
on soiled linen

as a broken spirit hides and
mends under the covers
of a library’s worth of least read novels

Rene~November 2011
For d’verse ~ Poet’s pub

photo credit: Rene

the driver

Lee Friedlander from America by Car
Inspired? Check out Magpie Tales
didja ever wonder
wonder ’bout them
the they behind
the eyes and teeth
all slick soft froggy
squirmin’ underneath
didja ever wonder, now
wonder ’bout them
didja ever follow
follow ’em home
down tha alley
ever’where dey roam
combin’ ’em out
wit a fine tooth comb
didja ever follow ’em
all da way home
didja ever feel
just a l’il scared
sinister shadows
shamble through sight lines
what the devil’s scratching
up and down your spine
now, didja ever feel
just a l’il scared
so, now
dont’cha ever wonder
dont’cha ever wonder
dont’cha ever wonder
alla ’bout dat
Rene ~ October 2011